About Me

Hello! My name is Kasten and I'm 9 years old! I have been through a tough time in the last couple of years after falling ill with Autoimmune Encephalitis and have spent a lot of time being looked after by the amazing staff at the Evelina Children's Hospital in London. Although I have faced some tricky times, I love to jump into every opportunity life throws my way - this gave me the idea for my logo - Leap into Life!

My Mum and Dad have raised lots of money for charity since I became unwell and I really think that now is time for me to do my part! I have decided that selling t-shirts might be a great way to fundraise for the Evelina Children's Hospital! Luckily, I am pretty fashionable and I love learning about business, so I am really excited to get my project under way!

You can read more about my story here - https://www.kentlive.news/news/i-thought-cold-rare-brain-1964488 and also the amazing work of the Evelina Children's Hospital if you click on this link - https://www.evelinalondon.nhs.uk/about-us/about-us.aspx.